What You Get

Your company compared to others (benchmark)

Expert advice on what to improve

Suggested priorities and timeline

How It Works

Pick your topic
Answer a simple questionnaire
Start improving
No-Suits.com brings condensed expertise from universities, multinational consultancy firms and hyper-specialized niche consultants
from 3 continents in easy-to-answer questionnaires. Our smart algorithms blend your scores and their expertise into a report
that contains the following items.

Benchmark your own situation

Compare your scores with the scores of
other respondents, for each group of ques-
tions in the questionnaire and for both your
current situation as well as your ambition.
So, compare yourself with other
No-Suits.com respondents and see where
you over-perform or underscore.

Compare your ambition

Based on your overall ambition the report
offers advice on what to do...
and what can wait.
So, are you focused on the priorities?

Prioritize your improvements

A summary sheet on which you can indicate
your improvement priorities and timing.

Improve with step-by-step guidance

Detailed instructions per question on how to improve. Links to practical
online content to get you going in no-time.
On average, each report contains approx. 80 clickable references to online
content from magazines like Harvard Business Review and Forbes maga-
zine, from companies like Google, IBM, Coca-Cola and Apple and from
websites like Mindtools, lnc.com and BrightHub.

Exchange knowledge with peers elsewhere

Opt-in to connect with other No-Suits.com respondents!
Per question we show up to 5 other respondents that have already
achieved what you want to achieve.

Rest assured: you will probably have something for them too.
Others will only see a few items where you score well. Your weaker points
or ambition will not be shared at all.

Who We Are

       A group of former consultants who got tired with the consulting industry's inefficiency and lack of ambition to innovate their ways of working. Tired, and sometimes even embarrassed, of the 'suits' who are charging a lot while delivering so little value. So, we started to think: How can we bring innovation to the industry and deliver value and truly actionable insights at no-brainer prices to clients, big and small?" We do it 100% online. We use the power of the internet and the wisdom of crowds, to democratize knowledge and make business insight available to a much wider audience. We build on our own experience from 800+ automated consulting projects we have done for clients in Europe and the USA. We are honoured to have great partners in several innovative consulting firms.       

We are not against consultants

We think consultants can do a great job in
adding brainpower and people capacity to
assist managers getting the job done.

But we are against ridiculous day rates,
misty time sheets, vague deliverables and
junior consultants occupying your
company parking spaces while you
pay for their training.

You are often as good as them

Very rarely do we see consultants knowing a
lot more than their clients. So, if you are
often as good as them, you need some
equipment to get going.

We deliver just that. Benchmark yourself
to set a target. Plan your improvement.
Use the step-by-step guidance to get
started in no time.

And then... knowledge exchange

Who would you trust more? A peer of your
choice in another organization who is dealing
with the same problems as you?
Or a consultant who's hourly rate is the
enemy of your u rgency?

So, build your network of people than can
help, that are in a hurry as well, and don’t
charge you. Because you can help them as
well. No Suits makes peer-to-peer
knowledge exchange possible.